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Our Club Senseis

Roger Hannoset  7°Dan ( examiner grade Dan of the club)

Tony Meulemans 6°Dan (examiner grade Dan of the club)

Jean-Claude Menet  6° Dan ( president and founder of the club l'harmonie)

Eric Lammens 5°Dan deputy sensei of the club

Gonzalez Oscar 5° Dan 

Phillipe Froehlinger  5°Dan




aikido l'harmonie bruxelles belgique hannoset

Roger Hannoset


The founder of the Meibukan and the Kenbukan dojos at the beginning of the 1980s, is one of the highest graded in judo and aikido in Belgium, very involved in the emergence of naginata and jodo in Belgium.


Master Hannoset, who has discontinued teaching regularly since a few years, offers us still the privilege to teach a class once or twice per month. Master Hannoset is one of the oldest Belgian practitioners.


Senseï Tadashi Abe and Senseï Noro have had his passage to the 2ndDan grade signed by O’Senseï in person!

aikido l'harmonie bruxelles belgique meulemans

Tony Meulemans 


I started Aîkido in 1963 at C.N.N with professors Marcel Boffin and Georger Gailly. 

I voyaged throughout Belgium and finally ended up in Brussels of course.

(cities: Blankenbergh, Bornem, Denderleeuw, Beverloo, Gand, Gerpinnes, Charleroi, etc...)

In 1970, Foundation of the A.C.B.A, and first seminar with Senseï Tamura Nobuyoshi.

During my journey, I practiced a bit of Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, Karaté and probably I still practice them without knowing, because for me Aïkido is everything.

Why do I practice Aïkido?

Simply because it has become my way of living, having the possibility of feeling responsible, not only in a dojo but also in life.

It is my way of behaving with others, in view of better knowing one’s self, of better knowing MYSELF.

The combat in life does not need to be aggressive, that is why I like Aïkido, and that is why I can put a lot of love in it and giving it through teaching.


Meulemans Antoine.

aikido l'harmonie bruxelles belgique menet

Jean-Claude Menet  

6° Dan


Path of Jean-Claude


Jean-Claude, president of the A.S.B.L Aïkido l'Harmonie, discovered aïkido in 1976 under the teaching of master Jean De Dobbeleer at Bushido of Schaerbeek during one year.


Jean De Dobbeleer, cofounder of the Bushido circle and of the ACBA, founder of Koshi with Albert Polspoel in 1975, has participated at the launch of many dojos in the Hainaut, in Brussels, in Flanders and in Limbourg.  He made the choice to take his pilgrim’s baton during some years to grow the Aiki in Luxembourg, in the Netherlands, in Morocco and afterwards in the Eastern countries.  


He resumed 3 years later with Senseï Roger Hannoset during many years. Period in which Jean-Claude had won the Belgian Kendo championship in1986 in inferior kyu, later 2ndplace superior kyu as well as other trophies.


In 1992, encounter with Senseï Robert Bonnivert and his wife Anita, who has followed him for several years. Return to Senseï Hannoset in 2001.


Jean-Claude has had the chance to participate in numerous seminars given by great masters such as Sugano, Tamura and Kobayashi.


Jean-Claude, presently 2nd Dan Aïkikaï (awarded by TAMURA Sensei), founded the Dojo l'Harmonie in 2003 to put all his years of experience at our disposal. 

aikido l'harmonie bruxelles belgique lammens

Eric Lammens 

Eric Lammens 


I discovered martial arts and more particularly Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 7 years old. Then, after having searched for the martial art suited for me, I started Aïkido in 1989, at Budo Wemmel with Francis Bauwelinckx, until 2002 (the year when my professor decided to end his martial arts career). After perambulating several clubs, I made up my mind with Jean-Claude, with whom I share the same vision of the aikido practice. And since we both have had different paths, the practice of our aikido is so individual, that it completes one another.

Our Friends 

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The Aikido L’Harmonie Club wishes a warm welcome to all participants. A contribution of 5 € is requested per session for each visitor.

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