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Method founded by the great master Morihei Ueshiba 


1931- First Dojo called KOBUKAN, also known as the HELL DOJO


1940 – Founding of the KOBUKAI association followed almost after by the pacific war and the interruption of large-scale public martial arts intensive practice in Japan


1942 – First appearance of the name Aïkido


1948 – Replacement of KOBUKAI by AÏKIKAÏ under the leadership of Kisshomaru Ueshiba, the founder’s son, and the present Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, the founder’s grandson.


The main derived schools: The diversity of current Aïkido methods comes from the fact that Morihei Ueshiba’s disciples and successors had perceived the message of the founder in different ways. They have therefore ended up elaborating their personal schemes of practice and the teachings of O-Sensei had as well evolved with time, which lead to each generation of disciples having a different perspective. Today, every Aïkido master, head of a school, defends the originality of their method: realism, effectiveness, energetic quest, etc… Affirmation of personalities with the finality of one and the same path, a normal evolution of practice and even intended by it.


Aïkido practiced by the disciples of the first class of O-Sensei, in the framework of groups and own associations.


Schools which place the emphasis on the effectiveness and/or the utilisation in defence and/or as a sport


YOSEIKAN Maître Minoru Mochizuki.

YOSHINKAN Maître Gozo Shioda.

TOMIKI RYU Maître Kenji Tomiki.

SHINWA TAIDO Maître Inoue Yoichiro

KORINDO RYU Maître Hirai Minoru

KOBOJUTSU Maître Hoshi Tetsuomi

SHIN RYAKU HEIHO Maître Tanaka Setaro

SHINDO ROKUGO RYU Maître Nogushi Senryuken

OTSUKI RYU Maître Otsuki Yutaka

IWAMMA RYU Maître Saito Morihiro

Schools which place the emphasis on the internal energetic aspect (KI) where all forms of aggression are baned


KI NOMICHI Noro Masamichi


Some schools of Aïki-jutsu continue to exist in parallel referring to the old roots of the 19thand 20thcentury styles.

Translated from French Book reference: Encyclopédie technique, historique, biographique et culturelle des arts martiaux de l'Extrême-Orient / Gabrielle et Roland Habersetzer

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